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The Magic of Matthew Olsen
"Your contact juggling was incredible, the balls almost looked like they were floating! It's as close to real magic as I've seen."

 -Bob Kohler, Owner of Bob Kohler Productions
​​​"My son, who should be exposed for the talent he is, on Ellen or Leno or even Vegas... I had to listen to him practicing with those crystal balls for years, and watch him doing close up magic for years, now it's your turn."

-Matt's Mom
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News and Reviews for Matthew Olsen
"Matt does more with a simple deck of cards than most Vegas acts do with sequins and tigers.  Using magic as professional entertainment can be quite tricky as it traditionally takes a lot of space, props or a stage and lighting.  But Matt's style of "table magic" is much more professional and lacks that Vegas "campy" feel.  Simply put, you won't believe what Matt can do right in front of your eyes."
-Mike Belgard, Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of The Improv Underground
"I first came to know Matt as a magican more than fifteen years ago, when he was a student in a history class I was teaching.  I was talking to a student outside my classroom door about an examination, when I heard a great commotion in the classroom, followed by applause.  Matt had taken my short absence as an opportunity to perform some magic for the class.   

​After class, I asked him to show me what he had done, and I was so amazed that I immediately hired him to perform for my son's class.  Since that time I have seen Matt delight children and some of the most sophisticated adults I know, at a great variety of venues.  His contact juggling is first rate and amazing, but his sleight of hand is still my favorite after all these years.  He is a stunning performer.
-Don Mohr, Professor Emeritus, UAA
Hi Matthew,

Thank you for a wonderful experience last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the
evening and Cathleen certainly was left with a memorable time. We both
thought your showmanship and humor were first class.