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by Matthew Olsen on 11/10/15

Penn and Teller just came up to Anchorage for a two day performance.  I was fortunate enough to be able to have lunch with Teller and a few of the other magicians in town.  Teller was a real gentleman and was very forthcoming in answering questions about himself and his magic (while not revealing secrets that we didn't already know)  I ventured to describe some of the magic that I've worked on; how I've improved upon certain effects and some of my own invention.  I was flattered that Teller said that my ideas were good. 

I also got to spend a little time with him after the Saturday night show.  He was busy as our get together turned into a large meet and greet with the Shriners who hosted us in their building.  He asked for the magicians in the group to do a little performance for him.  Several magicians in our group got up and performed including one brave soul that was new to magic (it's very difficult to perform infront of a magician of Teller's calibur)  I decided to do a brief contact juggling routine, and afterward Teller praised me for my skill.  I gave him a copy of my Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling as a sort of remember me gift.  The next day Teller tweeted my picture with the words,"Contact juggling, Alaska style.  Micheal Moschen would be proud.  This guy's good."  I thanked him for the unsolicited kind words. 

All in all a great weekend.  I don't often get an opportunity to hang out with the big boys in magic but it's nice when I'm taken seriously by them even though I'm not anywhere near their level of expertise. 

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