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A fine evening of entertainment

by Matthew Olsen on 10/26/16

I was privileged to perform for a nice couple at a private party.  It was probably the smallest audience I have had in years but they were very personable and we had a great time.  Honestly the best audience I've had in a very long time.  I performed tricks with coins, rubber bands, ropes, but it was the card magic I think that really took center stage.  I performed several of my favorites but saved the most impossible for last.  I did a trick where a selected card that had been signed on the front and on the back was inserted into a deck that had been wrapped in rope, preventing any sleight of hand.  The card after being slowly inserted in full view rose to the top of the deck in an impossible way.  Then I finished my card set with a trick called Sam the Bellhop which is a story trick where the cards are continually shuffled and cut and cards are continually pulled out to illustrate the story.  Many magicians perform this trick, but I am the only one to do the trick while blindfolded and having the deck shuffled before hand.

And for a special treat I did a single ball contact juggling routine to some very pretentious French music. 

I received a very warm reception to all I did that night, and the couple were absolutely awesome to perform for.  Honestly the most enjoyable gig I've had in a long time.  I could have gone all night, I was having so much fun. 

I hope to perform for them again in the future.

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