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The Magic of Matthew Olsen

The keys to making an event successful are good food, good beverages, and good entertainment!  Good food and beverages can be found quite easily, but not so with entertainment.

Matthew Olsen provides unique entertainment in the form of magical astonishment.  Using sophisticated sleight of hand (and sleight of mind) Matthew is able to create the illusion of miracles in your client's very hands.  From inches away he will astonish with cards, coins, ropes and other ordinary objects.  Matthew is able to entertain at events where traditional entertainment (DJs, Bands, Comedians etc.) would be inconvenient or too expensive.  Imagine a restaurant or banquet where it's often difficult for individuals to see or hear the entertainment.  Well, Matthew is able to bring the entertainment to each individual table, giving each person in the room a chance to see up close and interact with the entertainer.  Matthew is also adept at entertaining for large groups of people, strolling through a crowd and working the room, giving everyone an opportunity to be amazed.

Matthew is also an expert in Contact Juggling (featured in the classic Jim Henson movie "The Labyrinth") and has published a four volume DVD instructional series entitled,"The Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling."  Contact Juggling is a manipulative art form where the movements are so graceful that the balls almost appear to be floating.  Matthew is able to manipulate up to ten balls at a time, but even with only one ball it approaches the level of true magic. Contact Juggling is another of Matthew's many talents that is ideally experienced in a close up setting, but is also suitable for the stage.  

Make your next event a magical success!
Matthew's unique brand of close up magic is ideal for:

  • Restaurants:  In a restaurant setting, magic helps create a unique dining experience.  It's an ideal way of reducing the perceived time between when the customer orders and when they receive their food.  It can be used as a way of drawing more business on the slow days of the week, as well as a way of keeping customers happy while they wait for a table when your restaurant is busy. When working a restaurant, Matthew performs between the time that the customers order their food, and when the food is delivered. He works actively to promote the restaurant he is working, as well as encouraging repeat business, including creating a link to your website on his homepage. 
  • Banquets:  Whether it's a corporate, a wedding, or other event, Matthew can entertain all your guests by going from table to table without your guests having to strain to see or hear.  The ideal time for a magician to perform at a banquet is between the time that the guests arrive and when the food or other planned activities are ready.  Magic is a novel form of entertainment that not many people have experienced live, and so it can be a significant boost to the overall entertainment of the evening.
  • Larger events:  Corporate picnics, conventions, and other special get togethers can also benefit from the talents of an experienced magician.  Because Matthew is able to entertain with the simplest of objects he can stroll through the crowd, entertaining groups small or large as he goes; making sure that as many people as possible are able to enjoy the show.
  • Private parties:  Having a mobile act, and needing little space to perform in; Matthew can liven up any private party, and if you let him know of your specific needs he can custom tailor the show to highlight the occasion.
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